Delivering payment, rewards and an overall engaging experience.

A layered, scalable, configurable customer engagement platform that bonds merchants and consumers.

All Forms of Mobile Payments

Loyalty Points & Rewards

Versatile, Secure, Modular Platform

We Make the Digital Customer Experience Simple.

Nearshore Call Centers

Application Development with Customizable Features

Nearshore Development Team and Coders

Nationwide Low Voltage Implementation and Support

Nearshore Customer Service and Support Team

Capability to Partner with Marketing Agencies

Managing It All

A single, unified mobile customer engagement & payment platform which performs all your customers electronic payment needs, while engaging them in their points and rewards program. Our scalable and secure platform provides your customers access to services right from the palm of their hand using their mobile phone. We are versatile and can work within a variety of industries making it simple for people to pay, engage and reward.

CieloPay: Core Services



CieloPay makes it simple to reach customers on their mobile device.

Deliver offers through your branded mobile app, SMS, push notifications or email. All campaigns are created and managed through the CieloPay portal.

Offers can be customized to targeting demographics, buying behaviors and geo-locations.


Let your customers pay any way they want. CieloPay connected all forms of payment to your mobile app.

Payment functionality can be tailored to meet individual business needs and goals. We handle AML, KYC, funds verification, settlement and reporting.

Integrate CieloPay’s mobile wallet into existing mobile apps, or white-label the wallet and control the entire digital ecosystem in one place.


Loyalty programs drive. Reward customers with loyalty campaigns, points programs, offers and more. Rewards can be tied to the CieloPay mobile wallet for better tracking and settlement.

Highly customizable, and targeted to specific customer types or behaviors.

Several loyalty programs make rewards super flexible: points, gift card/stored value, events-based, buy X get Y.


  • Personalize offers for better ROI on every campaign
  • Track payment type and frequency
  • Track offer redemptions
  • Track loyalty program success
  • Track registration and activation for app downloads
  • Track campaign effectiveness

Who We Serve

Where are we Deployed?


Robust APIs

  • Easy configuration & extension
  • 90+ APIs available
  • Explore the APIs @
  • Build your own interface and/or integrate into your existing

Agency Reseller Portal

  • Create and manage their client accounts,
  • Online support system
  • Access tools available

Client Administrator Portals

  • Easy to use for corporate, regional, business line and franchise systems
  • Campaign design, management and tracing reporting

Multiple Languages & Currencies

  • Multilingual solution supporting 12 languages
  • Easily customized for local language

Multiple Roles & Permissions

  • Extensive administrative & permission-based roles
  • Access to reporting and campaign management

Merchant Mobile Web App.

  • Allows for merchant to access via mobile devices using any browser.

Merchant Portals

  • Open source merchant self-hosted, mobile responsive, web-based solution that allows anyone to fully customize it.
  • Customer Check-in portal (e.g. customer enters phone number and a visit is recorded with a set amount of points).

Customer Portals

  • Hosted mobile responsive, web-based customer portal
  • Set it up in just minutes
  • Open source merchant self-hosted, mobile responsive, web-based solution that allows anyone to host it and customize it

Balance Lookup & Online Enrollment

  • Simple Balance Lookup and Online enrollment links will allow simple setup in any client website.
  • Simple registration and balance look-up for WordPress sites.

Online Support

  • Ticket based online support for your agency
  • Every answer and or request is answered within 24hrs.
  • Additional support via email or phone is provided, too.

Agency Network

  • Meet successful agency partners in other countries or markets that have created and develop on top of our platform. Get the customization that you are looking for from one of them or simply expand your network.

Everything you need is in the Cloud

API Driven

Our API Driven Platform as a Service allows you to quickly implement meaningful customer engagement solutions.

Turn-key and modular

Create and manage in-house loyalty and stored value (gift card) programs under your own private label brand.

Powerful yet Flexible

With over 7 campaign styles, including points, Buy x Get X, Two-Tier and even Coalitions the power is in your hands, on the cloud, or on any mobile device.


We are global, businesses all over the globe use the technology in their own language and currency.

Web Based Cloud Solution

The API platform allows you to manage your client’s accounts from anywhere in the world. In the Cloud, it works with any browser, operating system, terminal, or mobile device.


We maintain the data and integrity of the system, additional features and more -there’s nothing for you to worry about. Safety and integrity of data is all-important to us. Your information is safe and secure.

Many businesses build their products on our platform and every precaution is taken to protect your data. We don’t rent or sell your client’s info.

Mobile Friendly

Clerk and Customer mobile responsive web applications are available. Agencies use them and/or integrate into their existing client’s applications.

Fully Customizable

Customize your client loyalty program to be as unique as their business. Create, customize, brand and maintain an engaging loyalty program in a matter of hours.


The CieloPay platform gives you complete control of every aspect of your digital customer journey. Customize offers, create campaigns, set loyalty programs, and control payment types.

Loyalty Program Styles

Coalition Program

Program Examples

Basic Points Program

Customers earn points based on the amount of pre-tax purchases. Merchant determines a product or service they want to promote and offer the product/service as a reward based on amount of points earned.

Non-Monetary Points Program

Using the “promos” capability, a business defines things a customer can do to earn points by adding “+ promos”. Example – Bible Bucks program gives +10 points for doing a good deed and +5 points for memorizing a Bible verse.

Basic Gift Card Program

Customer buys a gift card for someone else. That person receives the gift card and uses the amount of credit on the card to make purchases.

Referral Program

Points: People or employees who refer new customers are given points they can redeem for discounts, free products/services or VIP status.

Money: People or employees who refer new customers are given a certain “bounty” they can use at the store as credit for purchases.

Basic Visit-Based Program

Customer accumulates “visits” each time they visit the merchant. A schedule provides options of rewards based on number of visits. Example – After 10 visits, you can get a free product. Or keep accumulating visits and after 20, get a different free product.

Pre-Loaded Stored Value Program

Customer is incentivized to pre-pay into a stored value card that can be used at a merchant location by receiving extra money on the card. Example – purchase $100 pre-loaded card and get a bonus $5 to spend.

Buy X Get One Free Program

A specific item is defined along with the number of times the item must be purchased to earn a free item. Example – A coffee shop may have a “buy 10 coffees get one free” or “buy eight cookies, get one free.”

Tab Program

Using a stored value campaign, businesses like bars that extend tabs to customers can add to a balance that represents what the customer owes the business. The balance is reduced when customer pay all or a portion of the accumulated balance.

VIP Program

Using an event or points program, define lifetime-accumulated balances to provide tiered benefits (e.g.: Gold Member). Use the “x promo” to define multipliers for accruals. Example – earn 100,000 points and become a Gold Member; customer earns 2x points on purchases.

Third-Party Fulfillment

Merchants can integrate with third-party fulfillment so the points (or visits/events) earned can be redeemed for a list of products made available and shipped by the third-party fulfillment warehouse.

Charity Choice Program

Using three points campaigns in three different accounts, a single transaction in a participating location (each location has one campaign in each of the three accounts) is split into three API calls that “fund” the three campaigns. That is usually split with 80% going to the stores’ loyalty program, 15% to an account where the customer donates to a charity of choice and the remaining 5% to the program organizer’s profit.

Gyms/Spas Membership Program

Using the Buy X campaign, the receptionist pre-loads the amount of services and products a customer purchases (e.g.: platinum membership gets 10 free massages, 2 free salt wraps and one bathrobe). When the customer comes in and wants to redeem a service/item, the receptionist deducts from their

Miles Program

Use a points campaign, call it miles, and determine mile expiration based on last transaction (rolling expiration) or based on the date of earning item (use them or lose them).

Key Components

Platform Architecture

Why Us?

We make digital simple.

Our platform works seamlessly with existing architecture to bring your customer journey to the digital age.

We influence customer behavior.

We help you interact with your customers in a timely, relevant and lasting way by influencing behavior with offers, notifications, marketing, payments, rewards, and loyalty programs.

We manage it all.

The entire customer journey can be managed through our platform. No need to source multiple vendors, it’s all right here.

Customer Testimonials

Stavros Frangoulidis

Diretor Geral | PAP Solutions

“We have worked with StickyStreet since 2009. It’s robust loyalty platform has proved stable, secure and reliable to trust our major customers to it, such as banks, credit cards and large retail companies. The founders of StickyStreet, are always ready to meet the most exacting demands of our customers. They are truly our strategic partners.”

Stefano Benvenuti

Founder | SimpleSolution | Rome, Italy

“It’s been easy to start working with StickyStreet from the beginning because we had many ideas in common. Their experience has been extremely useful for me to develop my business as it is today.”

Michael Rebiffé

IQ Gecko | Managing Director | Sydney, Australia

“Working with the team at StickyStreet can be described in two words: ‘Exciting’ and ‘Professional.’ Their experience in creating a fantastic and easy to use back-end system that powers the StickStreet platform has only been outshone by their determination to have a gorgeous and easy to use loyalty front-end. Attractiveness and ease of use aside – working with StickyStreet gives us at IQ Gecko the capability to bring the newest and most cutting edge technologies to market first. I firmly believe that having the capability to offer the StickyStreet platform feature-set is one of the maindrivers that made “Top5” Australian financial institution “Suncorp Bank” chose the StickyStreet (IQ Gecko “StickyFeet”) platform as their application of choice to feature on their merchant credit card terminal.”

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Loyalty program using cash rewards to prepaid cards

Mobile wallet with loyalty and offers


Loyalty Program

Building access through mobile app using NPC

Credit Card activation to chip on phone

White-label reseller

Payment processor for Vodaphone wallet

Transit ticketing service for Vodafone wallet

Payment applet for mobile applications payments

Mobile commerce platform, ID and building process

Mobile financial services wallet

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